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Planting life inside your home

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

One of the best indoor plant and how to take care of it - The ZZ

The ZZ is a native plant of Eastern Africa and belongs to the same family as the peace lily, philodendron and aglaonema. The Zamioculcas zamiifolia most known under ZZ can be neglected for months and will still look pretty. It’s one of the plants that don’t need a lot of care.

What’s good about the ZZ? They love it when you leave them alone. They don’t need a lot of water, water the ZZ only when the soil has completely dried out. Too much water will just kill it. If the leaves turn yellow, raise the alarm as it means you are probably watering it too much and the roots may be rotten or rotting. You can forget to water it and it will survive but it grows slowly. However, if you water it occasionally it will grow faster. The ZZ spreads easily.

Don’t let the plant sit in water as it will cause the same problem, rotten roots. Also, if you can see the leaf curling, it’s not a good sign and it probably means there’s too much light for the plant.

The ZZ can live in low indirect light. They like it in the bathroom or even in the office.

Don’t forget to fertilise the ZZ once in a while to help the plant to grow faster.

If you have very sensitive skin, make sure you wear gloves before handling the plant and wash your hands afterward. Also, keep your dogs, cats and children away from the ZZ as it contains calcium oxalate crystals and may cause skin irritation.

Long story short, it’s almost impossible to kill. The ZZ tolerates low light, not much care & water. If you do it right, you will have a healthy plant.

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