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Biophilia, love of living things and nature, is the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. It allows us to reconnect with the outside world inside.

The term was first initiated by a social psychologist Eric Fromm (1964) and popularised by a biologist Edward O Wilson in the 1980’s. The concept developed from two different fields, biology and psychology and has been adapted around other areas; neuroscience, architecture and more. All of the fields have the same interest and desire, re-connection with nature and natural environment, it's the relationship between humans and nature. Incorporating the concept of biophilia in your life has a lot of benefits around stress, health, environment, performance, health recovery, well-being, etc.

In our built environments, people are becoming increasingly disconnected from experiences and exposure to nature. More and more, the presence of live plants in our everyday indoor settings is providing that link to our innate need. By copying the outdoor inside, that will emphasise the natural connections that plants lovers are craving.

Wellness is the focus of all trends.


Why plants are important in our environment?

Improved mental engagement and overall happiness are reportedly realised by visual connections with nature. Reconnecting people with nature through biophilic design plays a role in our improved health and well-being.

After all, the easiest way to reconnect with the nature is by adding plants into your space. It’s about creating a space that makes you feel good, happy and relaxed. Surrounding yourself with plants, will only bring perks into your life. Here’s a few benefits* to prove it:

· 20% experience less fatigue

· 30% experience a reduction in headaches

· 30% experience a reduction in sore throats

· 40% experience fewer coughs

But that’s not all.

· Plants can control the humidity in the house

· Fewer disease-causing airborne molds and bacteria

· Create oxygen and remove some nasty chemicals

· Lower your heart rate

· Reduce stress

Having plants enhance your health and well being. Improved creativity, clarity of thought, mental engagement and overall happiness are reportedly realised by visual connection with the nature.

So why plants are so important in your home? Your home is the space you wake up in, live in, connect in, relax in, love in. Probably the most important space in your life. So adapt it to get the most out of it.

So next time you partner doesn’t not agree with your plants purchase, explain to them the concept of biophilia. At the end of the day, you are looking after yourself and the people that surrounds you.

*If you are interested in learning more about this subject, have a look on the Green Plants for Green Buildings website.

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