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Are you obsessed with your houseplants?

This morning while reading the news, I found out about this AMAZING competition for NZ Residents and guess what it's involving PLANTS...

If you are on this website, it,s probably because we have a thing in common, we LOVE plants.

Style with plants.
Dream Room!

The competition is running through Stuff and NZ Gardener. You need to write why you are the best 2019 Houseplant owner. Write about the plants you have, the time and care you give them and why they are so lovable. Don't forget to send photos of your indoor plants (maximum of 5 photos). The text should not be more than 500 words; add your name, phone number and address & your are all ready to send your text to

The WINNER wins $500 worth of indoor plants from Gellert's Nurseries and a Gro-sure house plant kit from Kiwicare.

The competition close on 30th June, 2019. See article here.

Share with us if you enter, it would be amazing to see all your beautiful setups.

Good luck everyone!

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