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The wonders of a Eco Boskke Sky Planter

Updated: May 30, 2018


A versatile and innovative opportunity for your plants to have a new lease on life!

The Sky Planter has just dropped and we couldn't be more excited. It’s a product that we’ve been waiting a while for (without even knowing it)

Wasting nothing - literally suspended in the air, this planter offers those who don’t have a lot of room the opportunity to have an army of plants in the home without compromising on precious space.

We’ve been trialing this new planter (pictured) ourselves in the office over the last few weeks and have had countless questions about exactly how it works

I’ll break it down for you and get to the bottom of it

Made from recycled plastic this is an environmentally sustainable product that has been designed as a gravity defying option for displaying plants in the home. Held in place by mesh the plant itself can be no more than 12cm in diameter to fit snuggly in the pot.

Does the plant leak when watered? Thanks to the slo-flo reservoir system of the planter, the gradual release of water into the soil from watering the plant above means that there’s no leakage, and no mess to clean up! In fact, the beauty of this system means that your plant often doesn’t have to be watered for up to two weeks.

Will my plant still grow upside down?

As long as plants have the right levels of sunlight, food and water they’re pretty successful at any angle. In this case, the stems and leaves turn to seek the light and the roots grow up into the soil.

Where should my Sky Planter be hung? Firstly, consider the plant itself - find out what kind of conditions it needs to survive and decide a location based on this. From here it’s all about practicality, make sure that wherever your Sky Planter is hung it has a secure anchor point and is not likely to be in the way of your everyday movements. Be creative, your planter has the ability to turn into a new center piece or vocal point for a room.

What plants will look good in my Sky Planter? We’ve trialed a few plants from our nursery and it’s safe to say that all of them have looked stunning! Here’s a few ideas: Moth Orchid, Bromeliad, Pepperomia, Sanserveria (Mother in Laws Tongue) and Anthurium.

Check out the video below which show’s you how to pot up your plant in the Boskke Sky Planter


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