An avid grower the Stephanotis Floribunda produces nice glossy green leaves at regular intervals, to grow it will need someting to climb on.

Give it a decent amount of light, you can even move it outside iin sumemr but bring it back in in the colder months as it will not withstand the frost.

After time the Madagascar Jasmine produces clusters of waxy white flowers, with a fragrant and pleasant smell.


Sold in a 17 cm diameter pot - height approx 60/70cm - shipped without bamboo stakes

Stephanotis Floribunda - Madagascar Jasmine

  • Light: A bright spot inside or outdside - outside of the frost


    Water: Let it dry out before watering again, likes to be in well drained mix. If over watered the leaves will turn yellow and fall. If underwatered the leaves will wilt, if you notice wilting give it a drink.


    Temperatures: Inside or Outside, in winter ideally at least in greenhouse if you have negative temperatures.