Also called Sedum Morganianum. The burro's tail can grow stems (or tails) up to 60cm long. The sedum is a very hardy plant that strives in bright light and dry areas.

In nature they grow against rocky cliffs and when the wind or an animal passes too close and knocks of a few leaves that starts a new plant.

They therefore pass for a quite fragile plant and many say that once you have found a spot for it you will not be moving it anymore!


Sold in 17cm basket grow pot

shipping will incur damage to the plants - at your risk

Sedum Burrito - Burro's Tail

  • Light: Bright light but indirect as it might burn in direct sunlight


    Water: Sedum leaves are plump because they store water so don't overwater it as it would rot


    Fertilising: only during the growing season