Currently not flowering, the colour is either red, white, pink or orange.

We are unsure of the colour you will get, kind of a lucky dip. 


Schlumbergera from their botanical name the Zygo cactus also known as Christmas cactus is a striking flowering plant. Native from the rainforest of Brasil, the zygo cactus naturally grows as epiphyte on trees, this means it will do better in pots than directly planted in soil and will require good drainage.


Technically a succulent they will still require the same amount of water than a 'classic' house plant. 


Sold in 14cm grow pot 

Schlumbergera - 14cm pot

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  • Light: no direct sunlight


    Water: the zygo cactus likes being moist at all times during its growth period (do not let it sit in water), once it goes into dormant reduce watering. Fertilise once the blooms have faded.


    Temperature: keep it inside in winter, in summer you can have it outside in a warm spot