Want to start propagating small cuttings of your plants or need some sphagnum moss for your plants needing this extra bit of moisture?

If you don't want to buy a 20L bulk bag then check out our home-sized options.


Propagating sand sold in approx 500g bag and spag moss in 200g bags (spag moss is sold slightly damp so weight can vary - they are packed based on volume)


Use propagating sand to propagate the following:

- Peperomia

- Sansevierias

- Hoyas

- Dracaena

- Succulents

- Chain of Hearts

- Begonia


Use Spagmoss to propagate the following:

- Aroids/Philodendron

- Scindapsus

- Hoyas

- Begonias


The above list are just an indication and we encourage you top test different methods and mediums to find the one you most confiortable with and that works best in your own environment

Propagation Medium