The cutest Philodendron out there, glowing golden-lime-green changing to bright emerald green with time.  The Philodendron Imperial Golden has glossy leaves in the most perfect shade of light green.


This plant has been scientifically proven to be an efficient absorber of indoor air pollution.


Sold in a 12cm growing pot. Approx 20cm high including growing pot.


Please note each plant is sent with a standard 12cm black grow pot, and any feature pot pictured is not included in the listed plant price.

Philodendron Imperial Golden

  • Light: Medium, indirect sunlight. No direct sunlight as it might burn its leaves

    Water: Keep slightly moist in summer but with good drainage as the roots won't like to be wet. Water deeply in summer. In Winter, likes it drier.

    Temperature:  best grown in a warm area.