This Peperomia also goes by the name Peperomia Obtusifolia Albo Marginata, Baby Rubber Plant or even Pepper Face Plant. One thing is goergous with striking variegated foliange in creamy yellows and emerald green tones.  Definetly a lot care requirement. Tighly clumped steams and nice round and fleshy leaves make it a perfect side table plant. It will always look tidy and shiny. Keep in a bright environment to maintain the variegation. 


Sold in 12cm grow pot - Height approx. 30cm with pot

Peperomia Albo Marginata

  • Light: indoor filtered light is best, thrive in bright area

    Water: Moist in the warmer months and let it dry out in winter before watering.

    Temperature: Normal house temperature is best, can be put outdoor (in the shade) during summer