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Stunning indoor plant with beautifully patterned foliage. The undersides are warm pink that contrasts perfectly. This is a shiny, textured foliage plant that’s easy to care for and suits every type of decor.


They will grow in most light conditions but prefer to be a in a well lit area, out of direct sunlight

Calathea like to dry out before having a drink, so hold off watering until the soil is dry on top


Sold in a 14 cm diam grow pot, height approx. 20cm


Please note each plant is sent with a standard 14cm black grow pot, and any feature pot pictured is not included in the listed plant price.

Calathea Jungle Rose

Out of Stock
  • Light: filtered indoor light


    Water: let it dry out between watering and reduce watering in winter


    Temperature: likes it warm

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