The Archontophoenix cunninghamiana is quite a fast grower, especially for a palm. With quite an upright and tight growing pattern it can fit in any room without  leaning over the space.


If grown inside have it in a well ventilated area and don't water too much, keep him on the drier side or he will have a tendency to attract insects.


Sold in a 20cm grow pot, approx. 120cm high.

Can be shipped - ask us for a shipping quote if you don't find your location. Bangalow Palm are not eligible for free shipping


Bangalow Palm

  • Light: Likes bright but indirect sunlight.


    Water: Water regularly don't let it dry in between watering. Soil should be moist at all times (but not soggy). Mist leaves if you have it in a dry environment.


    Growing habits: Feed once a month in growing season, will grow fast in a warm environment.


    Temperature: Warmer rooms of your house