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Tips for beautiful and healthy Peace Lilies

Peace lilies in flower

Peace Lily also know as Spath or Spathyphillum is one of the most popular indoor plants.

The main reason for this popularity as a home plant and as an office plant is that the Peace Lily likes medium light level and will tolerate well very low light levels but also it will prefer being under-watered than over-watered... Basically forget Peace Lily in a dark and dry corner and it will still strive and shine.

You should also know that Peace Lily is a perfect plant for cleaning the air, it has been proven by NASA that it can break down some of the toxic gases in the air.

So now that we have determined that a Peace Lily can be forgotten in a corner and that it will still do a great job of being a air purifier as well as keeping nice green foliage you might want to consider giving it a bit of Love...

Let's start with fertilizing, feeding your Peace Lily is an option but if you want to encourage blooming you should definitely think about it. Don't worry it's quite simple, quite in the image of the care this plant needs... Fertilize with a balanced ratio fertilizer (like N20-P20-P20) half or quarter diluted during the growth season. Honestly if you fertilize your Peace Lily three times in a year it's plenty enough, best to fertilize it when it's starting to bloom. Remember to water after fertilizing to make sure that it gets through the roots.

If you are finding that your Peace Lily does not bloom maybe try to bring it to a less dark corner, no direct sunshine but a little more than the back of your closet so to say.

Peace Lily leaf bract 'flower'
Peace Lily leaf bract 'flower'

Watering your Peace Lily should be done with caution, don't water it automatically every Wednesday morning with your other plants. Always check that the soil is dry before adding more water, over watering it might kill it much more easily than actually forgetting to water it for a certain amount of time.

If you follow all the above advice it should not be long before you need to re-pot your healthy growing plant... When that happens either plant your Peace Lily in a slightly bigger pot (a to large pot with wet soil might bring the roots to rot) or divide it into two smaller pots and voila!

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