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Is my Bromeliad going to Rebloom?


Getting the most out of your Bromeliad

Bromeliads are a great plant to have for both first timers and green thumbs alike. They’re easy to care for, low maintenance and come in a variety of species leaving you with endless possibilities for their use.

In short – Bromeliads do not rebloom from their original flower, however don’t give up all hope! They prove to be a very fruitful plant over time.

The Bromeliad is one of the very few plants that flower continuously and are always in season. Most flowers bloom for a few months and in some cases even up to a year!

The life cycle of the Bromeliad is where things get really interesting. A few months on from full flower, the petals start to turn noticeably brown - indicating that the Bromeliad is at the end of its blooming cycle. Once this happens there’s not much you can do to save the original flower. We’d recommend removing the flower by cutting as close to the base of the plant itself to allow for new life to one day grow.

With the original flower removed, your bromeliad will start to produce “pup” plants which are exactly what they sound like. Small in size, these pups are the offspring to your original flower, the ‘parent’. These pups can be removed and replanted to create a whole new plant or stay in the same pot and continue to grow and bloom into a new flower. How exciting!

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